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Meanstreak is a “band” surrounded by incredible myth. People refer to them in the same breath as Integrity, Confront, and the legendary Clevo bands who have influenced generations of followers. The thing is, they never played a show. on top of that, these brutes only have one song, “Final Word”, which appears on the Only The Strong Victory Records 7 inch compilation.

This is a band that simply never was! Do not argue semantics. You know exactly what I mean! Mean Streak is pretty much an anomaly. Let’s take a look at the members of this band. We have Mean Steve Murad, fresh out of Confront, on vocals. The bass is handled by Tom Brose of Confront and Integrity. Some guy who disappeared named Nate was on drums. And last but definitely not least is the oddball of the bunch, Paul Schalacter. This guy comes from a whole different breed of hardcore bands and is a founding member of Cider, Darvocets, Inmates, and Brainwashed Youth. What an incredibly weird and awesome lineup. Some members of this collaborative song would go on to feud and (physically) fight, or never see each other again. Something this strange could never happen again.

It’s nice to fantasize about what a full length record by these rowdy fellas would have sounded like. I guess it would have probably been a cross between One Life Crew, Confront, Integrity, and Cider. The shows would certainly be outrageous and the legend would definitely spread far and wide.