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Love ’em or hate ’em, Dwid and company are Cleveland hardcore legends. The demo tracks and some of their earliest work sounds like Cro Mags in a brawl with GISM. The later stuff is more polished but equally punishing and they have never really quit with the assault. Here is some of my favorite Integrity music.
-Matt G

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While I was still peeing in my Scooby Doo underwear, Cleveland bands were playing hardcore shows at face melting speeds. Confront is a group that should be of legendary status. You may be familiar with a band that rose out of their ashes named One Life Crew. Confront were different though. They played fast hardcore before it achieved a wildly popular cult status . Anyhow, I don’t want to babble on. Let this video speak for it’s self. Confront, Hyper As Hell, False Hope, Ugly But Proud at The Rage in Cleveland, OH on 12/20/87.


During my sophomore year at Kent State University, I decided it would be a good time to start a terrible grindcore band.  Well, we didn’t exactly set out to be terrible, it just sort of happened naturally.  I was on dual vocals with Edward Stockenhauser who went on to front Brain Handle.  Ryan Loewenstein was on guitar and a homeless dude simply known as Pig Man banged on the drums like a cannibalistic neanderthal.

I managed to book a pretty solid house show with Eat Shit and Die (my band), Don Austin, Kill The Hippies and Upstab which featured Chris Erba of H100s infamy.  A guy named “Crazy Don” placed a bag on his head and then set it on fire during our opening set.  Meanwhile, outside some drunk teenage punks were being being loud and obnoxious.  One thing lead to another and I come upstairs to see Chris Erba of Upstab punching one of these cartoony teen punks out with some mean hooks, splattering blood everywhere.  I think Chris had just got a job at a bank so the band fled without playing.  I don’t blame them.  An arrest was avoided.  With Upstab long gone, the mohawked kid came stumbling back around, armed with a led pipe.  We were informed that he had Hepatitis C as he dripped a trail blood.  I managed to avoid the confrontation but was bummed out that we didn’t get to play with Upstab.

A few weeks later Eat Shit and Die was booked to play a hardcore fest in Youngstown.  The bill was stacked.  We were to play alongside Upstab, Career Suicide, Caustic Christ, My Revenge and some really good bands.  I got a call that morning from Pig Man.  He informed us that he was quitting the band.  Me and Ed were pretty much embroiled in a nonsensical yet bitter feud at that point anyways.  Loewenstein was probably the only person of sound mind in a band that was no more.

The moral of the story is that we never got to play with the short-lived Cleveland maniacs known as Upstab.  They came, they saw, and they bloodied some buffoons.  Here’s to the memory of Upstab.

-Matt Greenfield @rustbelthammer

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Greetings from Austin, Texas, by way of Youngstown, Ohio.  My name is Matt Greenfield and I am the man proudly holding this Rust Belt Hammer with a vengeance.  I was listening to a Don Austin record called “Rust Belt Blues” which has the song on it, I Fix Everything With a Hammer.”  The combination of those two titles gave me this blog’s name.    Don Austin are some bad Akron motherfuckers that will be forgotten by most.  They will always hold a special place in my heart though.  The Rust Belt has some mean, nasty people, Ohio especially.  Sometimes these deranged folks decide to pick up instruments and do some serious ear damage.

Drug Problem is carrying on the tradition of scuzzy and mean Cleveland punk rock.  They have members of Avon Ladies, Lucha Eternia, and Bad Noids.  The songs are short and brutish.  What’s not to like? Bring out your inner caveman and give these jams a try.