Cider may dawn the faux British accents but make no mistake about it, they are very Cleveland. The first time I saw Cider was in Youngstown, Ohio, at Play Fast or Die Fest. Their set was way longer than the allotted slot, nobody was into it, and then they got into a confrontation with members of Crowd Deterrent. I still have no clue exactly what went on between those two groups but it all seemed pretty funny and obnoxious.

Cider has been playing on and off since the 90s and shares members with other bands such as Darvocets, Integrity, Midnight, and more. They are Cleveland (British) Royalty. I haven’t really posted much about Cider, but here’s to them. The music is violent and angry, fitting into the Clevo HC lineage perfectly. Some may call them a “joke band” but they are way more pissed off than a lot of “serious” bands.