First off, how old are you guys? I feel like maybe I’m old enough to be your father, if I made some really poor decisions as a teenager.

Emmett: I just turned seventeen.
Cullen: I’m fourteen

How long have you guys been playing music together?

Emmett: We’ve been playing music together for a long time. Almost 10 years. We were always in the basement, jamming out.
Cullen: I used to play bass; the organ came a little later, but we always played music together.

It appears to me that you are authentically keeping the youth culture alive with music that isn’t just cardboard copy hardcore or generic garage rock. How do you think Archie and The Bunkers future intertwines with some of the band’s of Cleveland past?

Emmett: We listen to a lot of music, so it all kinda blends together when we play. A lot of Cleveland’s bands have been big influences to us. We didn’t set out to create in a particular genre. Our sound just evolved.

What are some of your favorite bands from the area?

Cullen: What’s not to like? Rocket from the Tombs, Dead Boys, The Cramps, Electric Eels. There’s so many!
Emmett: The punk/garage scene in Cleveland in the 70s and 80s was legendary. Those were bands to be proud of.
Cullen: Northeast Ohio has, and still does have tons of good music.

Your cover of The Guns is just awesome. Tell me what The Guns mean to you guys? They were around your age when they created a lot of music that is now considered classic hardcore.

Emmett: Thank you! They were probably the first Cleveland band I ever got into. My dad was in the scene back in the day and showed me their stuff when I was thirteen. I was hooked!

Tell me about your debut LP and how you think it differs from your older material?

Cullen: The record officially comes out in October, but our record release party is September 25th, at the Beachland Tavern, and we’ll have some copies here.
Emmett: When we recorded our first demo we were 12 and 14. We were really just trying to figure out how to put a song together.
Cullen: When we recorded Comrade X I had only been playing the organ for a few months.

How did Dirty Water Records you link up with Dirty Water Records. They are a UK label, I do believe.


Emmett: Dirty Water Records is based in London, with some roots in Boston. We sent our rough demos off to a few labels, and DW was the most enthusiastic about what we were doing.
Cullen: Having a European label will get us better exposure overseas. I think our sound has a better shot of taking off over there.

There is a b-movie/sci-fi aesthetic to you guys. Where does this come from? Are there any particular movies you are influenced by?

Emmett: We get a lot of inspiration from old films (1930s-1950s).
Cullen: We definitely gravitate to older movies, television, art, music, everything.
Emmett: Cullen is an encyclopedia of old movie trivia.

If you could you share the stage with any musicians or bands, who would you pick for your lineup?

Cullen: That’s easy! The Damned!
Emmett: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! They’ve got the most original thing going right now.

How has it been working with Bim/Obnox?

Cullen: I recorded a few tracks for Bim on the Blaxx EP and on the last 2 Obnox albums (Know America, and Wiglet.) He’s easy to work with. I sit down and do the take and he says, “Perfect, young blood.” He’s a super nice guy!
Emmett: Bim’s been really supportive of us. He’s helped spread the word about A&TB to a lot of people.

What is the next move for Archie and the Bunkers?

Cullen: Hopefully, we can sell a few albums. Enough to finance a sophomore project and some touring.
Emmett: We are tentatively planning a European tour for 2016. They seem to really appreciate what we are doing over in France and Spain. We’re really excited to just get out there and play our music!

Thanks guys, and good luck with the new album.