I dare you to name a more miserable place in American than Gary, Indiana. You will surely come up blank. The place is an abysmal hole that no human should ever have to endure. The population has plummeted by 55 percent since 1960. The steel mills closed as unemployment skyrocketed simltaneously. It’s a familiar story to all of us brave people with origins in such cities. It’s no secret that the Rust Belt breeds freaky ass people that come equipped with character and controversy.

Michael Jackson is no exception. He is the poster child for the triumph and tragedy of a Rust Belt artist. Stick with me here. He may not be a knife wielding punk rocker but MJ is surely the biggest pop star of our times. Why does nobody mention the implications of his Rust Belt origins? The guy never set out to be weird; he just was. Nobody knows if he was a child molester or not. Let’s not even focus on that. He was never convicted in a court of law but that’s really beside the point. He was an artist with flaws that made him painfully human and ultimately killed him.

It wouldn’t make sense to have at least one RBH post dedicated to Michael Jackson, so here it is. Put on your “Thriller” record and celebrate Michael Joseph Jackson.