Möwer From Pittsburgh Answers Some Ridiculous Questions With Some Ridiculous Answers

RustBeltHammer: What’s Möwer about?
Sean and Craig: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

RBH: Craig, do you have any good edge breaking stories? From before you guys were about drugs, it was just sex and rock n roll.


Sean: Sex and hardcore [in Boston accent]
Craig: Well when I was straight edge, I was dating a nymphomaniac. So I don’t know how straight edge I was technically.
Sean: It wasn’t promiscuous, you were dating.
Craig: It wasn’t promiscuous. I guess they don’t say you can’t date.
Sean: That’s hardline. Hardline’s missionary only. [laughs]
Craig: Breaking edge wasn’t that exciting.
Sean: What was the day you did it? I don’t even know if I know that story.
Craig: I know dad bought me a case of beer.

RBH: Your dad did, how old were you?

Craig: 18 or 19? Definitely underage.
Sean: He was so disappointed. I was straight edge for a while because of Craig and he was so disappointed we weren’t going to be drinkers.
Craig: That’s a true story.
Sean: Now he doesn’t drink and we’re alcoholics.

RBH: If you weren’t a Pittsburgh punk band what other cities would you want to rep?

Sean: Richmond, VA has always been really rad to me.
Craig: Cleveland and Chicago.
Sean: I’ve personally been to Richmond more than any other city besides Pittsburgh. I’ve been to it more than Craig because I used to go for Best Friends Day. Everyone there is really rad and I always have a really good time there. They have a cool city and it’s not like too impressionably big. Chicago’s rad too. Chicago was like the biggest fucking city I’ve ever been to besides New York City.
Craig: Yeah, everyone is really nice. The bands are pretty rad. I wouldn’t want to live in Cleveland, but the punk bands that come out of Cleveland are fucking so good.
Sean: They have an attitude there that’s pretty rad. It’s just, “Fuck you, we’re from Cleveland, fuck you. My life sucks and now so does yours.”

RBH: Sean, when’s the last time you played DDR?

Sean: Oh, good questions. When’s the last time I did play DDR? I’d say probably give or take 4 or 5 years.

RBH: Do you think there are any other punks in Pittsburgh or anyone else that are worthy to challenge you to a match? You think you still got it?

Sean: Yeah, I think I still got it for sure. I think I would win. If anybody challenged me, if it was like a punk or like anybody.
Craig: I second that. I’ve seen Sean play. I didn’t know you could play with all fours. Like you can get down on your hands. That’s when I knew he was on another level.
Sean: Dude, I won $75 at a tournament. That was the shit.
Craig: That’s more than we’ve ever made playing music.
Sean: This was before sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Then I started drinking.

RBH: Why don’t you guys tour more often?

Sean: Can’t afford it.
Craig: Can’t afford it. Can’t get off work.
Sean: Don’t have the right vehicles.
Craig: Yeah, vehicles. I mean the little amount we do tour it’s hard enough to get a van that fucking works. But it is like my fucking plan to just not stop touring. Every time I come back from tour I’m like, “hmmm I could technically take all the money from my next pay check, which is only like $550 and just leave and tour. And just hope that keeps going.”

RBH: Who would win in a fight Lemmy or God?

Both: Trick question, Lemmy is God.
Craig: Come on, too easy. What was the question before that question in Airheads? “Whose side did you take in the big David Lee Roth-Van Halen split?” and the he says Van Halen. He’s like, “he’s a cop!”

RBH: You guys are obviously super into Motörhead. What else do you listen to that would be a surprise?


Sean: I still really like neo-crust a lot. Sue me!
Craig: Yeah, it’s horrible.
Sean: And shitty crust. And shitty hardcore. Like Rival Mob is so good.
Craig: But they are so good. You like mediocre bands.
Sean: Yeah, I like The Flex.
Craig: Ahhhh man, I’m gonna go see The Flex, but I’m just saying they’re mediocre. But when you print that all of a sudden I’m gonna be a dick head.

What about you Craig?

Craig: I like garage rock a lot. Yeah, I love garage rock.

RBH: With the old solo Mojo Pop stuff that was before Mower, you did a lot of like psychedelic garage rock shit.

Craig: When we wanted to be like Midnight and Lightning Bolt.

RBH: Oh yeah, what’s the difference between Mojo Pop and Möwer?

Sean: Möwer has a direction, Mojo Pop was just whatever.
Craig: Yeah I didn’t even know how to play guitar yet really.
Sean: We wanted Mojo Pop to be crazy psychedelic like crazy, fast, and loud.
Craig: Then it ended up just being fast and loud. Then I was listening to DRI’s “Crossover” album, and I was like yeah, I forgot you can play fast and punk. I was like “I should learn how to play it faster.” Then it just went off.
Sean: Yeah, that’s an interesting thing about Möwer. Craig’s roots were in hardcore and hardcore punk. My roots were in thrash metal, and then I was really into crust and d-beat. So it was like that met together. Then we both discovered Motörhead. [laughs]

RBH: Ughhh, this might be about it, maybe a curveball question here, you guys ever make out with the same girl?

Both: Yeah.
Craig: Yeah, there’s been a lot of girl swapping. But hey man, party.

RBH: Future plans for Möwer?

Sean: Well, this is exclusive, no one knows about this, but if we record by Sunday we will be the single of the month for Mindcure for April. If not we’ll be the next month. But either way that’s happening. But that’s just a single and a cover.

RBH: Who are you covering?

Both: Motörhead.
Sean: No surprise there. After that we are planning on releasing four new songs by a specific date because we’re playing with Casket from Philly.
Craig: Yeah, we’re trying to have a new tape out by that show.
Sean: And that would be ideal, if not just have those songs ready. And after that…
Craig: We have to do a tour. Hopefully in the summer. Even though all our other bands wanna tour, we have to keep telling them no.

RBH: How many bands are you guys in together?

Sean: We’re in four together.
Craig: Möwer, Resin, Liebestod, Psychobaits.
Sean: And then I’m in two other ones without Craig.

RBH: Well I think that’s about it.

Craig: What? I thought there was a curveball question?

RBH: Well that was the make out one.


Craig: Ohhh that’s a curveball?!

RBH: Well I didn’t wanna get too many details so I just cut it off there. I didn’t wanna get into some inbred shit.
Craig: Oh that’s never happened. I’ve never had sex with Sean. We basically have been in orgies together though.

RBH: What’s the story with that?
Craig: Ugh, trap music and girls.
Sean: Me and Craig get really drunk, put on trap music, chicks dance to it, shit happens.
Craig: Yeah, a tip for anyone who wants to be in bed with multiple women is to be the last one dancing with them.

RBH: That’s the best way we’re ever going to be able to end this, let’s stop there.