Greenlander has produced a ton of music and is a hot name in the noise/underground electronic scene of Los Angeles. In his hometown of Youngstown, he is widely ignored when it comes to the raw sounds he makes. I even saw him get kicked off the stage at the Lemon Grove once. A place that was supposed to be a hub for the artsy and weird was kicking a man off the stage that was perhaps TOO artsy and weird for a baffled audience of hipsters and dinner goers. Greenlander doesn’t care though. He doesn’t need acceptance and largely creates music for himself, locked away in a dungeon of solitude. This video was created using his music set to visuals by artist Cristopher Sea, a man whose art has been featured in such magazines as Juxtapose.

Greenlander – Vast Empty Landfill from Negative Flesh on Vimeo.

http://sweatingtapes.com/greenlander/ for his label’s page. 12 inch LP out soon.