norton2I feel as if some sort of innocence was lost when cable switched over to a digital format.  Television is just too damn sterile and predictable these days. Gone are the days of local television personalities and odd shows at even odder hours.  I feel bad for anyone who missed out on those wonderful years. Technology is developing at a rapid pace but not so long ago we saw some rather shoddy things on late night television. Mark Norton is almost like a relic of the past.  His commercials started airing around 2003 and at first I thought maybe someone laced my pot with PCP because this stuff is almost unbelievable. All of my widest fantasies were coming to fruition during the span of his thirty second commercials. Mark Norton comes from a long line of unintentional weirdos from Ohio. I don’t know if his commercials still air but in case you were never privileged enough to catch the madness, here is a collection of some of his finer moments.

-Matt Greenfield @rustbelthammer